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What is a housing association?

Housing associations in Wales provide homes and housing related services to 10% of the Welsh population. They are independent, not-for-profit social businesses primarily set up with a mission to provide affordable homes for people in need. However, housing associations provide so much more than bricks and mortar. They invest in communities and change lives. Many specialise in providing care and support for older and vulnerable people, and many run job clubs, apprenticeship schemes, social enterprises and initiatives to assist tenants to get online or manage their money better. They are seen as regeneration organisations within their local communities and are important delivery partners for national and local government.

In 2014, housing associations in Wales collectively spent £1bn in the economy, with 80% of that spend retained in Wales. They also spent £514m on community regeneration projects.

Housing associations are also a major employer in Wales. Last year they directly employed 8,400 full time equivalent staff. For every one full time person employed in the sector, one and a half other jobs are supported within the Welsh economy.

Community Housing Cymru (CHC) is the membership body for Welsh housing associations. For more information on the work of the sector, please see here.

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